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Custom Design

Step 1 | Custom Ring Design
Step 2 | 3D Modeling and Rendering
Step 3 | Casting and Crafting

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Making jewelry has been a tradition in our family since 1945, when Arek Keleshian was recognized as a fine jeweler in the South of France. His craft was carried on by his daughter Jasmine and her husband Simone, who started Simone & Son in 1978. 

Today Simone, Jasmine and their son Shant work together with a team of excellent jewelers to create top-quality jewelry and lasting relationships with their clients. The latest in computer driven software is included in the creative arsenal at Simone & Son. With the freedoms of 3D modeling and virtually no limits placed on the design team, prototypes are created to exacting standards and the results can be stunning. Few jewelers manufacture in-house, but at Simone & Son, we do.

Integrating the most modern prototyping technology including wax carving and printing machines fine quality models are created with incredible detail and at a faster pace than traditional methods. Perhaps least understood of the steps in manufacturing, casting determines the body of each piece. Molten metal is poured into a perfect negative impression, cooled and removed. What remains is a scaly but detailed shape that must be finished. A good casting will be free of porosity (bubbles of air in the metal). Hand craftsmanship provides the finished beauty in every piece.

It takes years of cultivated skill to master all the components involved in crafting a finished piece. Stone setting, fabricating components, hand engraving, polishing, and creating new ways to build jewelry are just a few of the skills involved in bringing every piece to completion.



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