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Diamond Education

Diamond Education 101

Important:  All three quality factors can dramatically affect the beauty and value of a diamond.  Because of cutting, diamonds with the same color, clarity & carat weight can vary in value as much as 40% or more.  Therefore, it is advisable to contact us for more information about diamonds. 

Our gemologists will answer any questions you may have, please contact us to set up a diamond consultation.

Refers to the measure of the degree of purity in a stone. Naturally occurring features, known as inclusions, provide a special fingerprint within each stone. The inclusions description, number, size, and location determine the assigned degree of clarity.

Refers to the degree to which a diamond is colorless. Color is graded by using a scale ranging from D (colorless) through Z (dark yellow, brown or gray). While diamonds are found in almost every color of the rainbow, white-colored diamonds or

Refers to the angles, proportion and precision of the faceting and polishing of a diamond. The cut enhances the beauty of each stone by maximizing the balance of brilliance and reflection of light from within.

Carat Weight:

Refers to the weight of a diamond measured per unit. One carat is divided into 100 equal units referred to as points. For instance, a .75 carat stone weighs of a whole carat, and amounts to 75 points. Diamonds become far more rare as the weight increases, and, as such, the price per carat will increase dramatically as the individual stone weight increases.

Certification: The 5th C

It is important that the diamond is accurately graded.  Most diamonds today are sold as "Certified" diamonds. But, what does that really mean?  A certificate is a diamond grading report that explains to you the 4C's about that diamond that you are looking into purchasing.  As a consumer you might assume that all diamond grading reports are the same but in fact you cannot trust every lab. 

At Simone & Son we use G.I.A. and A.G.S. grading laboratories for diamond grading reports.  They are the most trusted names in the industry worldwide.

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